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About Us

Every motivated student should have the opportunity to study with a school's best instructors, instructional material and examinations. The Fundo platform will remove the physical boundaries of a traditional school and open the best instruction to more students. Our platform will enable instruction and testing to be done flexibly and efficiently.

The intersection of web technology and education in the 21st century has resulted in major changes in the way students are educated. We now have the ability to organize, digitally store and make available: lectures, resource material, question banks, quizzes, tests, and exams.

This ability means that the demand for convenience and flexibility can now be satisfied. The paperless environment can be achieved.

  • Educators and students are no longer bound to a physical classroom and lecture schedule. Lectures can be recorded, stored and replayed at the student's convenience.
  • Educators can build their quizzes, tests and exams dynamically from a question bank.  They have flexibility in how and when to release them to students.
  • The instructors are freed from administrative tasks such as grading exams and taking attendance.
  • Students will have access to test results immediately and get feedback on areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Educational institutions can achieve all of these goals today by using the Fundo instructional platform. Aapraga is committed to helping educational institutions become more flexible, by taking advantage of innovations in technology.

Good site a+++.. The FUNDO online test engine is the Cadillac of of online test engines.

- Joe