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Some of the ways that the software helps the students are

  •  Identify the students strengths and weaknesses: The student’s performance on any test is compared with other students on each topic. The comparison enables diagnosis of the areas in which the student needs improvement. Because the software keeps track of the time taken by the student to answer each question, it also provides excellent feedback on issues related to time management.

  • Online collaborative learning platform: The software promotes online collaborative learning. Any teaching resource created by a student can be made available to other students. The software allows any student to upload their explanation of an answer. The teaching resources and explanations to questions build a legacy of past students which future students can learn from.

  • Availability of teaching resource at the students convenience: The teaching resources in multimedia file formats are available to the student 24/7. This enables the students to study at their convenience.

  • Transparency and fairness: Because all information is available online their is transparency to the students. Students performance on all the exams is maintained electronically. The multiple choice questions are evaluated by the software. All this ensures fairness in evaluation of the students performance.

I took the trial test and was impressed by the ease with which I was able to take the test.

I love the ability to be able to get the performance immediately after the test. Especially the ranking.

- Lisa