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What is Fundo?

Fundo is a web based student testing/assessment center and virtual school. While an educational institution may use either component separately, Fundo integrates both components into a seamless instructional platform that is user friendly.

Why use Fundo

  • Educational institutions use the testing component of Fundo to provide efficient, web based testing for students.

  • Exams are graded automatically. Students see their results immediately, at the conclusion of the exam.

  • Institutions use the virtual school component to organize and deliver remote course instruction to students.

  • By using Fundo, educators and students are no longer bound to the physical constraints of a traditional school.

  • Fundo's flexibility and efficiency benefit students, educators and their schools. It connects them all by taking advantage of leading edge web technology.
Cool website. I liked the idea of taking a test online with other students.

- Henry