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The educator can focus on educating the student instead of being preoccupied with administrative tasks. This gives the educator time to think and work on how best to teach each student. Some of the ways that the software helps the educator are

  • Manage, conduct and evaluate exams/tests: Comprehensive solution to manage and conduct all the exams/tests/quizzes. Both on-demand (taken at any time) and scheduled (starting at a fixed time) tests are supported. The software enables creating a question bank, and the tests conducted are closely integrated with the question bank. The students' performances and ranks are available immediately after the completion of the test. The software can also manage handwritten exams by allowing uploads of scanned answer sheets.

  • Identify the students strengths and weaknesses: The studentís performance on any test is compared with other students on each topic. The comparison enables diagnosis of the areas in which the student needs improvement. Because the software keeps track of the time taken by the student to answer each question, it also provides excellent feedback on issues related to time management.

  • Teaching resources can be made available to the students through the software.

  • Assignments (including evaluation of assignments) can be managed through the software.

  • Attendance can be managed through the software.

I took the trial test and was impressed by the ease with which I was able to take the test.

I love the ability to be able to get the performance immediately after the test. Especially the ranking.

- Lisa