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FUNDO is customizable as per your needs. Here are some of the ways in which we've customized it ourselves

  • This has been our technology testing website for the last two years, conducting biweekly SAT Math practice tests with real users.

  • This is a version of the software with questions that have multiple correct answers and penalties for wrong answers. This website also demonstrates the ability to deliver tests in Math and Science. The tests available on this website have 12 sections.

  • This is a "School" version of the software. The website demonstrates the ability to manage Resources (study material etc), Assignments, and Announcements apart from just administering tests. This is analogous to taking an online college course.
The functionality on all three websites can be experienced by logging in using the test userid/password given on clicking the "TRY SYSTEM without REGISTERING" button on the home page.

I love the FUNDO learning management system. The study material, assignments, lectures, tests are so well organized using this system.

- Eva