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Some of the ways that the software helps the college administrators are

Modernize your college/institute and improve overall efficiency

The software improves the overall efficiency by streamlining repeatable tasks such as evaluating the students' performances on an exam. The educator can focus on educating the student instead of being preoccupied with administrative tasks.
Go paperless

Maintain all records electronically. Question bank, tests, students' performances, assignments, and teaching resources can all be stored on the computer and the information can be retrieved easily and immediately.

Simplify administrative tasks such as "Attendance", "Making Report Cards"

The educator can use the software to take attendance in the class and report the attendance of any student. The software can create the students' report cards containing both performances as well as the students' attendance records.

Minimize unfair practices during scheduled tests

The software keeps track of and can identify patterns indicative of cheating during the test by any student.

I took the trial test and was impressed by the ease with which I was able to take the test.

I love the ability to be able to get the performance immediately after the test. Especially the ranking.

- Lisa